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At this moment Georgi Dimov lives at 719 Wright Court Deland, Florida. He is a winner of many art shows awards around Florida.

Experience Education
1980 - One Man Show - Kardjali Bulgaria;

1976 School of Fine Art G.Dimitrov, Kardjali , Bulgaria;

1984 - International Group Show "Children for Peace”, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia Bulgaria;

1991 Student in Art Restoration Work Shop, Johanes Dininghoff Diisen , Germany;

1992 - One Man Show “Eastern Ritual Painting Tries To Bring the World Beyond Into Reality”, Stainhagen Germany;

1996 Graduated From The National Art Academy - Sofia;

1992 - Group Show, Versmold Germany;

1999 Student – Art Restoration Work Shop Anton Rusev, New York , NY;

1992 - International Exhibition “Artists for Europe ”, Tawn Nall, Aachen , Germany;

2000 Student at Art Student League – Ronald Sheer, Irwin Greenberg;

1993 – Annual National Group Show, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia , Bulgaria;

2003 Student at National Academy of Design, School of Fine Arts Sharon Sprung, Elizabeth, O’Reily, David Dewey, Michele Li Calsi.

1998 – Group Show “Art from Heart” Ward Nasse Gallery , New York , NY, USA


2000 - One Man Show “Landscapes” Bulgarian Consulate, New York , NY , USA

1996 Union of Bulgarian Artists;

2003 – Group Show “A New Beginning” The Artists Gallery, New York , NY , USA

2002 North West Watercolor Society;


Georgi Dimov
719 Wright Court
Deland, FL
phone: 646-244-9647